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What We Provide

We provide immediate financial solutions to small businesses, we intent to help them actualize their goals and ambitions. There is an enormous underserved market of company owners who do not have access to steadfast financing and when they do, business establishments face extensive and trivial loan applications and harsh underwriting practices that turn away many capable businesses. We’re here to help them.

Table of Contents

  • Business Loan Eligibility Criteria

    1. Age: Minimum 25 years old and maximum 60 years old (co-borrower / co-maker required)
    2. Business: Must have a two (2) years existence of the business; duly registered with DTI (for sole-proprietorship) or SEC (for Partnership or Corporation).
    3. Checking Account: Must have one (1) year old checking account. (If the Checking Account is less than one (1) year, client should have at least two (2) years Savings account and at least two (2) years business operation)

Business Loan Application Requirements

  • For Corporations

    • SEC Registration and Bylaws
    • Secretary Certificate with board resolution
    • Latest income tax return with financial statements (Optional)
  • For Sole Proprietorship

    • DTI Permit
  • For Self-employed / Professional Service

    • PRC License
    • Professional Tax Receipt PTR
    • Certificate of Business Name